Bencor Corporation of America Foundation Specialist

Vision Statement

Bencor is one of North America's leading constructors in foundation and underground engineering. As a major foundation contractor, Bencor has an extensive fleet of specialized equipment to handle all types of projects.

Company Profile

Bencor has specialized in deep foundation construction since 1969. Bencor operates in the highly technical field of underground construction installing slurry walls, slurry trenches, earth retention systems, tiebacks, drilling and grouting. Bencor has performed work in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and North Africa. The company is operated by a team of industry experts, field supervisors and key men, all with ten to thirty years of direct experience.

Bencor is a recognized leader in slurry wall technology worldwide. Bencor's staff includes some pioneers in the development and application of slurry wall techniques in North America. As a company, Bencor has successfully installed literally millions of square feet of slurry walls. Bencor's volume ranks in the top specialty foundation contractors nationwide as compiled by Engineering News-Record.

Bencor also excels in the design and building of earth support retention systems for basement excavation for high-rise structures, subway lines and stations, depressed highways, etc. To date, Bencor's projects have been among the largest underground retention systems built in North America.

Bencor owns and operates a fleet of the latest specialized equipment which is designed and built directly at Bencor's own facilities.

It is important for a foundation contractor to be capable of performing the full range of foundation activities, which can be administered best under one single contract. Bencor offers the possibility of providing this complete foundation package designed to suit the client's particular needs.

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